Bubble Living Kills Opportunity

We all live in a bubble. Within our bubble there is familiarity which makes us feel comfortable and, at least in part, content. It’s important to note that men can get use to just about anything and, no matter how objectively unpleasant or objectively desirable your familiar surrounds might be, over time they become what we’re use to; what we’re comfortable with.

It might sound strange that someone living in an Mumbai slum could be as comfortable and content in his bubble as a power broker living in a penthouse in Manhattan, or as a single dad living in a suburb of Chicago. But, it is absolutely true. The psychological adaptability of the human mind is remarkable. The only critical requirement is consistent predictability.

I enjoy comforts as much as the next man, but recognize their place. One cannot flourish without at least regular expansion of the bubble.  And, to truly grow quickly it’s often best to burst your bubble completely.

A bubble of consistent predictability is a hospice for opportunity where she can do little else but wither and die.