Being Bold in Rough Economy

The economy is in deep trouble.   It’s bad now, but this is just the beginning.   There will be fundamental changes in the global banking system, the use of credit and the value of currencies.   It’s going to be rough.

So what do you do?   Wait it out?

I think this is a time to be bold.   Not stupid or careless, but bold.

So, in keeping with my “Be Bold!” strategy I’m still spending money, investing and growing my business.   In fact, I’m working on buying a pretty expensive domain name for a project right now and I plan to launch two completely new businesses in the next two months.

One of my biggest sources of income is selling domain names.  [I’m not talking about ultra-premium names I’ve kept in my portfolio for years either.   I’m talking about buying and quickly reselling domains for ~$300 each.]    Anyhow…In September of 2008, it really appeared that this part of my business was on a serious decline.   I couldn’t help but only expect it to get worse.

But, As quickly as my domain sales went down, they came back.   Right now, January 2009 is looking like my second best month ever.   How much money did I make flipping domains this month?  It’s a big number, trust me.

So, if I’m selling domains, that means people are still buying.   The world (especially the world of entrepreneurs and small businesses) is made up of innovative people who will strive to survive the downturn.   But more than that, there are many that will “Be Bold!” and take advantage of opportunities and weakness in the marketplace.

Your task, if you want to thrive in this bad economy,  is to serve be Bold by serving the Bold. Premium Expired Domain Service Launched

After more than 6 months of problems solving and thousands of hours of programming, I’m very pleased to announce the launch of the the internet’s Premier Expired Domain Service…

Some background on the Expired Domain opportunity:

Every day, millions of hits are lost because website owners carelessly forget to renew their domains. Either they lose interest, don’t have the time, money or effort to manage their sites, or they simply forget their domain will expire. Although a lot of these expired domains were never developed, a fair number were once active and thriving websites and that spells BIG opportunity for you.

It is all about Traffic

If you want to succeed on the internet you need to be able to generate traffic. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to sell a product, generate leads, or produce revenue using Google Adsense…. If you cannot get people to your site then you don’t stand a chance.

One of the biggest challenges to a webmaster is how to generate traffic. More traffic to your website equates to more sales. So how does one generate extra traffic to their website? Search engine optimization, email campaigns, pay-per-clicks, banner advertising, are among some of the tactics that are popular. But, the easiest and most overlooked method of generating traffic is through expired domain names.

Imagine a webmaster working for months or (even years) to build up traffic to his website. He gets link partners, he posts messages in related forums, over time he builds up a lot of quality links which produce a lot of quality traffic. Then, one day, for whatever reason, the webmaster lets the domain expire. Where does all that traffic go? The answer is nowhere. What a waste!

The good news is these domains (and more importantly the traffic stream they produce) can easily be acquired by forward thinking Internet Entrepreneurs for as little as registration costs.

Why domains with traffic Expire

Why would an owner of a domain ever let a valuable domain expire? The previous owner may have run out of money to promote the site. They may have lacked the time and motivation to manage the site. They may have gotten tied up in other activities or another job. They simply forgot to renew their domain. They may have regrettably succumbed to illness or even death. They failed to receive the notice from their registrar informing them that their domain was about to expire. Also, in many instances the owners of a domain have no idea how valuable the domain really is. So, not understanding the value they choose not to pay the domain renewal fee.

Not too many years ago, expired domain names were available immediately, and some speculators waited like hawks for great, high traffic domain names. They’d swoop in and grab the domain seconds after it expired, then if the previous owner came along and asked for it back, the speculator would require a hefty fee for it. This was considered extremely unethical, and many domain name owners would claim their site was “stolen” by the speculator.

When a domain name expires these days, it’s not immediately available for other people to buy. Instead, it goes into a holding pattern of sorts. This holding period will vary from one registrar to another, but it generally lasts for about 3 months. The purpose of this “holding” period is to give the previous owner additional chances to renew the domain.

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