New World Entrepreneurship

Adding value is the key to success as an entrepreneur, but how quickly you can drive revenue for your new venture depends on how you view your business.   What’s most important?   What leverage points exist or can be built to quickly grow the business?

Nearly everyday I speak with an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur about their business ideas.   One thing I often ask is, “What is the easiest way to make money with this idea?”   “How can you create revenue in 30 days or less?”

Granted, I view business from a pretty lazy perspective.   I seek leverage points and areas of Low Hanging Fruit to earn money and provide value very quickly.   I hate the idea that an entrepreneur is suppose to toil for years before turning a profit.   Maybe that’s the way it was at one time, but now… in the new world of Entrepreneurship this is totally unnecessary.

If, as an entrepreneur, you enter into a great business struggle you should know that you are doing it by choice, not by necessity.

So, in your business, what can you do to drive revenue within the next 30 days?

If nothing comes to mind then ask yourself what resources or assets you would need to be able to drive revenue within 30 days and focus with great intensity on creating that leverage point.

You tell me…What assets do you have (or might you create) in order to be able to produce revenue growth within 30 days?

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