$6.28 for a gallon of milk

Earlier this week my wife reported that she’d spent $6.28  on a gallon of milk.    Granted it was organic milk, but still!   $6.28 seems to be a staggeringly large number and here in the farm belt… Davenport, Iowa no less.

And yet, inflation is not an issue we’re told…

Clearly the powers that be don’t shop for groceries….or read commodity reports

“Illinois corn and soybeans are up 40% and 75% from a year ago. Kansas wheat is up more than 70%. In Georgia, three-pound chickens go for record prices, up 15% from a year ago. A pound of whole wheat bread is up 24%. Whole milk, up 26%,” reports Capital & Crisis’ Chris Mayer.

The government wants us to believe that inflation is not a problem. Tell that to America’s families, who face the fastest rising food prices in more than 17 years. That’s on top of rising energy prices.

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