Beautiful And Pregnant

My wife is due in about 5 weeks and, quite frankly, I’m starting to get excited about the arrival of my daughter. As when my wife was pregnant with my son, Maxim (who’ll be 2 years old this coming Saturday Aug. 18th), I tend to not think about the coming birth until we get pretty close.

The fact is, 9 months is a long time. Or, at least it is to me. I thrive on much shorter term goals… things that I can act on NOW. With a pregnancy I can’t do anything except take care of my wife. So, my process is to pretty much put it out of my mind completely. Now we’re close and I’m starting to let myself anticipate it.

I think Jessica recently entered a pretty serious “nesting” phase. Getting the room ready, buying baby girl clothes, etc. She’s still running. Here’s some pics of her getting ready for a 5k run this morning. She’s looking great, don’t you think?

One thought on “Beautiful And Pregnant

  1. hey congrats…. when will his good day is abt to come….? yes she is looking pretty and m sure the next person in your family will be pretiest…..:) take care of her…. enjoy

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