UCLA Student tazered repeatedly

Here’s a disturbing video of some L.A. cops abusing their power and repeatedly tazeing a student. It’s clear in the video, that it isn’t about trying to get the student to comply. It’s about power. The cops want this student to totally and unconditionally submit to them. It’s not about taking him into custody or removing him from the scene. They could accomplish this by picking him up and carrying him out (as they eventually did).


Before you jump to conclusions and think “oh well, what’s NOT shown in the video?   This guy must have done something wrong to deserve this treatment from the police”.   Here’s how the associated press described the incident:

Tabatabainejad, 23, was shocked Tuesday night after arguing with a campus police officer who was conducting a routine check of student IDs at the University of California, Los Angeles, Powell Library computer lab.

Campus police say he refused to show his student ID and refused to leave the building when asked.

So, when you’re unwilling to “show your papers”, this is the outcome?

There’s only one thing worse than the blatent abuse of power by these police and that is the belief by many that this student “got what he deserved” because he didn’t submit. Those who say he deserved it are the type of mindless docile sheep controlling authorities love.


Think people, think! This could just as easily be you, or your brother or mother!

2 thoughts on “UCLA Student tazered repeatedly

  1. Disturbing. The future is this unfortunately. At first we comply because we feel we have done nothing wrong. If this student had just shown his ID he would have been just another the cops passed by. By refusing to comply he angered the authorities and was abused for it. His resistance was his own choice, no matter how unreasonable the force used by the berserk police. Nobody but him was tazed. Myself, my brother and my mother would have simply shown the requested ID without even considering using the situation to make a political statement. I realize it begins like this and escalates into total abuse of power. But is it worth electrocution and a police record just to keep from producing an ID and exposing a bunch of incompetent power hungry cops for what they are? Police in NYC stand on corners in full riot gear with M-16’s in the name of homeland security. Our American way of life is eroding and fighting it as this student chose to fight is futile. He was taken away all burnt up and in handcuffs. Did anyone really think he would win this argument? Would you argue with a crazy cop with a machine gun? We are doomed. We can thank our government elitists for this. Our votes don’t count. Our elections are theatrical performances by the media on election night. The elite count the votes. The elite rule us. The elite want to rule the world. And they will someday. Hopefully not in my lifetime. And since I have chosen not to bring any children into this sick twisted and disturbed world, I have only myself to be concerned with. The future is dead…

  2. Personally, I think it is worth the fight. I hope that if I’m ever in this guy’s situation, I have the balls to stand up like he did.

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