UnbrandAmerica.org: my contribution

I was quite pleased the other day that I was able to use my domainer skills (and our incredible system at DomainersEdge.com) to secure a domain that The Adbusters Foundation had inadvertently let expire. After winning the domain in auction, I gave it back to Adbusters. That was two days ago. It’s good to see them using the domain already. Below is an email I received earlier this evening. Be sure do give it a “digg” and watch the google video… you’ll see the domain name, UnbrandAmerica.org, at the end of the video.

Jammers and Cultural Creatives,As Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp buys Myspace, Google sells
free speech off to the highest bidder, and the US Senate bows to
pressure to undermine net neutrality, the web has become a key arena in
which creeping corporatism threatens civil life. So let’s use the very
thing these corporations are trying to kill: the open and democratic
nature of the internet.

Americans of all political stripes are asking: is this my America
anymore? Along with the picnics and fireworks and Corporate American
Flags, what can jammers do to express their resistance and help take
America back?

This July 4th, help spread the meme. Help Unbrand America.




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