Free Foreclosure Database Listings

"Foreclosures up, home sales down"

It's been all over the headlines for the last several weeks. In some states, like Tennessee, foreclosures are up more than 147%.

This is GOOD news for real estate investors. With the booming housing market, it's been harder and harder to find good real estate deals. An increase in foreclosures will help alleviate that issue.

Today I launched a new website called The goal of the site is to help investors find Foreclosures. The site is 100% free to use, there's no registration required. Just click on the state you want to search and view the listings.

Make sure you check out the listings in and around your area. You might just find a diamond in the rough!

As a side note: Websites with foreclosure databases are nothing new. In fact, there are at least half a dozen sites dedicated to foreclosure listings. The catch with these sites is that they charge you just to view the listings. Many of them offer a "7 day Free Trial" but you have to give a credit card just to take the "trial" and if, by chance, you forget to cancel you'll be billed every month.

Foreclosure data is in the public domain. I just want to make sure the public has easy (and free) access to it for a change.

Happy Hunting!

10 thoughts on “Free Foreclosure Database Listings

  1. this site is the best free foreclose database site i’ve seen … any site just like this without paying a penny….

  2. Hi Matt
    your site is very good!!

    I have a website that I am developing for New Hampshire foreclosures only

    I currently have access to the mls data for listings but there are a lot
    less than what you are showing.

    I am looking to get access to the nh foreclosures data like you have on
    your free foreclosures site.
    I know your data is a core of your business but i think there is plenty of room, since
    all i want in NH i was wondering if you would mail me and we could talk about
    your source for the data, and or if can you provide the NH data as a feed to me?

  3. I totally agree. My business partner and I went from completely avoiding short sales and foreclosure properties to now making huge profits focusing on these niches. In today’s market, it is foolish not to capitalize on such deals. As you mentioned, the percentage just continues to go up and there are going to be a lot of opportunities for investors with little end in sight.

    Jeff Logue

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