Gilda’s Club Run for “laughs”

On Saturday a bunch of members of my family participated in the QC Gilda’s Club “Run for Laughs”. The races include a one mile “fun run” and a 5K. My mom, Claudia Robinson is the Executive Director of the local Gilda’s Club. If you don’t know much about Gilda’s Club, check it out. It’s a good organization and like all non-profit organizations, they’re always looking for money. 🙂

Collin, my step-son, and Lauren, my neice, both ran their first race on Saturday.

The one mile “Fun Run”. Collin Kicked butt in his first full race running the

entire time (no training mind you) and finishing strong.

My beautiful wife, Jessica, ran the “miler” with Collin as a bit of a warm up before running the 5k with me. I keep telling myself I’m a better runner than Jessica. But, Jessica’s been running about 20mi/week training for a marathon later this year. I, on the other hand, seem to be too busy f’n around on my computer/phone all day to do anything else. I ran the 5k cold. I hadn’t done ANY running yet this year. It was rough and I feel it today (two days later) more than ever.
I think this is a good sign that It’s time to step away from the computer! Unfortunately, I didn’t get any action shots of Collin in the race. I was pretty bummed about this, but Jessica got Collin to do a little reenactment for us later:

Collin Reinactment 1 collin reinactment 2

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