she’s a trooper

Parents, I've noticed, are ever-willing to shell out parenting advice espeically to other expecting parents… So, waiting for  Maxim to be born over the last several months I often found myself in conversations with other parents wanting to shell out all kinds of birthing war stories and random parenting advice.  

It never failed that in some point in the conversation they dad would angle me away from the women and (while chuckling) say, "get ready for sleepless nights!"   In fact, I think I heard this from every dad I spoke to and even several non-dads who'd heard from others about the dreaded sleepless nights.   But (and this is important) not even one mom EVER brought this up.

Well, I'm sure all of these dads would be proud to know that their prediction has come to pass….

I am tired.
I'm a little more irritable than normal (which, for me, doesn't say much).
I want to go to bed.


I can see pretty clearly now that we dads are a bunch of wimps.

Jessica has had maybe 1/3 the sleep I've had in the last 5 days.  She looks a little tired, but she's not complaining.  She's happy and smiling.  She's patient and more concerned about my sleep/mood, etc. then her own. 

I thought I was tougher then Jessica, but now I know I'm just a wimpy, tired…dad.

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